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10 de agosto de 2010

Shinae is here!!!

Some one was ringing, and then: Hi Debora!
I got a very nice surprise!
Such a long time since Quinpool St.
Spring rolls, breakfast at 1 pm, go running near the sea, and a lot of fun in that crazy house...
We could remember all the weird people living in there and the nice moments we had together...
and she still has my flipflops!

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  1. okay i hope im not part of the weird people!! hahah, where are you girls at? im jealous!!
    debora i saw some of the pictures of you in paris they're such nice pictures you look very good and happy i hope you guys are doing okay keep in touch!! xoxo

    Daniela montoya

  2. It is so good to see both of you together, very happy and very good looking! I would love to be able to join you! Thanks for sharing this link!

    Debora, for how long will you stay in Europe?

    Lots of love, Dorette

  3. wow.

    you guys look great and pretty >▼<
    shinae's hair is so long now.
    i really miss you all.
    i hope we can join every together somewhere, somewhen.

    love you guys :)

    -Tait from Korea in hot summer-

  4. thank you Debora of these pictures!!
    we looks great!!
    it was so~~~nice to see you again.
    world is so~small and next time we will see in korea again!! i'll keep my flipflops untill that time! haha
    miss you~

  5. Shinae Shiiiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!!

    I miss you so much!!!! Today I'm wearing your necklace!!!!! Have a great time in Germany with Debora!!!!!!!




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